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What Type of Dropper are You?  

Power - You have lists of links or folders of bookmarks that you frequent on a regular basis, the more the merrier.

Reciprocative - You primarily return drops on folks who have dropped on you.

Widget Surfer - You start dropping on one widget and follow that ad through to the next widget and so on until the chain ends.

Top 3 & Popular - You drop on the Top 3 in each category and any others who might be on the Popular page.

Favorites - You have a group of favorite blogs you visit and that represents most of where your drops go.

Random - You just drop wherever.

Other - You utilize some other dropping strategy. (Feel free to comment and fill us in.)

What's a Dropper? - Go to Entrecard.com and learn how you, too, can "Drop Yours."

Results from Drop Rank Poll  

Drop Master 3 (12%)

Very Very Seriously 7 (29%)

Dedicated Dropper 8 (33%)

Consistent, Regular 4 (16%)

Casual & Relaxed 2 (8%)

Here for the View 0 (0%)


Entrecard Poll Interest  

Results from poll about interest in Entrecard Related Polls:

0 Never
6 Occasionally
2 Often
2 Every Poll


Who Wants to Participate in an Entrecard Poll?  

The first poll is about who wants to participate in an Entrecard Poll.